There is an acknowledged need to drive more local and International traffic to golf courses in the region and there can be little argument that the most powerful remote tool we have to achieve this is the digital space, coupled with online media.

After many years the game of golf is  finally realising the need to modernise its approach to communications, which will enable the game to shape its future more effectively, keep in step with a digital age and the demands of the new generations who will be the future of the game.


The digital space offers new channels through which to support activities, club rounds and membership levels.


With millions of online users and countless tools to access them, it has never been simpler to create communities of interest, communicate with existing members and promote special offers as well as the benefits of membership to visitors.

The internet and an array of new social media platforms offer the opportunity to communicate and grow the game in ways that have not been possible in the past.


The golf population in the 20th century was built on the Silent Generation which is phasing out and the Baby Boomers’ whose influence is starting to diminish.

With the Generation X population now maturing, there is now the need to introduce the game to a new era of tech savvy Millennials and Centennials which have taken centre stage. Within the digital space lies an unheralded opportunity to address and interact with these generations which golf cannot afford to miss


golfvistasa.com has built itself upon this premise; utilising the digital space to offer the golfer an easy to use platform to locate and with the minimum of clicks play at a course, and source accommodation, dining, activities and sightseeing options in the near vicinity, all of which is designed to bring new traffic and potential revenues to the clubhouse and fairways.

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