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Vaal de Gráce plays host to the first Nick Price signature golf course in South Africa, with fourteen holes in the North West Province and four in the Free State. The 18 hole layout is forgiving for the average player, but still challenging to the professional who wishes to maintain a good score.


In the middle of the gushing waters of the Vaal River on the border of the Free State and the North West Province, rests an island of incomparable quiet and beauty.

On this island, the new and stately Vaal de Gráce Golf Estate promises a novel kind of lifestyle experience, second to none.


The Estate is merely an hour’s drive from Johannesburg, and once on the island, it is uncanny how swiftly the flurry of city-life is forgotten and left behind. Exquisite housing and relaxation facilities are here to delight all visitors to this magnificent estate.

Four Home-owner-golfers recently purchased the course and took over management. A lot has happened since October last year – with staff and management taking on the job with a fresh approach, to make Vaal de Gráce that special gem on every golfer’s bucket list. “This place is our passion. We look at it as an investment – not only money-wise but also as in lifestyle. We feel safe here. This is where we want to be. Just give us a little time. You would want to be here as well!”

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