Kill or Cure it

The strange reasoning behind keeping golf courses closed

Clubs are raring to go and believe they are able to put in place all the necessary safety measures.

A previous article included the medical concerns about COVID-19 being potentially terminal to people with underlying health issues. These concerns were included with the increasing suspicion that the cure, if that is what lockdown protocols turn out to be part of, could prove to be worse than the problem.

This perspective was then used in the analogy that the 3-week lockdown will potentially have the same effect on golf clubs and businesses with underlying business health issues and force the closure of marginal entities.

It is no longer 3 weeks, but 5 weeks and counting as we move into Level 4, with no clarity on when each phase will be implemented, so there is no agreed finishing post in sight.

For the full article please follow the link to Business Day:

Photo courtesy of Reuters

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