American style & burgers


ⓘ About 1904 Bistro Americain

The American-themed menu is massive. There is everything from bagels and chowder to smoked meats and gourmet dogs. Initial excitement makes way for mixed emotions, however, as the food has some great hits and some sad misses.


The hits: Look forward to delicious flavours that leave you wanting more. Chilli poppers are done American-style, with crumbed cheese containing bites of jalapeño peppers, served simply with a refreshing ranch dip. The Cajun fish is lovely, beautifully cooked and zesty, and comes with a nicely spiced savoury rice. The Coney Island dog is everything I look for in a hotdog. A classic Frank sausage is served in a pretzel roll that’s slathered in ketchup, chopped red onions, mustard and grated cheese. Scrumptious. Also yummy is the po’boy sandwich with its filling of crumbed, beautifully cooked prawns. Desserts please, too, offering the likes of gourmet shakes and warm blueberry pie with hints of spicy cinnamon.


The misses: While flavours are great, there are sadly some let-downs. Our skinny fries, served in quirky tin cups with checked paper, are lukewarm, with a slightly stale texture. The Cajun hake and rice, although tasty, are also lacking in temperature.


This beautifully styled restaurant has so much promise, but has a bit of work to do when it comes to executing its exciting menu. This isn’t to say I won’t be back – those gourmet dogs and prawns were true winners.


1904 Bistro Americain