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Welcome to the Kowie!

Port Alfred is situated in the Eastern Cape Province, midway between East London and Port Elizabeth. The Kowie, for many years just a small fishing village, is today a bustling holiday destination. And everyone fishes! We have operated professional and pleasure craft from here since 1978 and we still do. So, welcome aboard - let's go fishing...


Our boat is specially rigged and crewed to offer the following exciting packages:


  • A tussle with a Copper (Red) Steenbras in the deep water some .20miles off shore is an experience never to be forgotten. This voracious feeder is a sought-after trophy, and the flesh is some of the best out there! Numbers of fish per angler is strictly controlled.
  • And then there are the legendary yellow-tail found in the vicinity of Bird Island – some 40 sea miles from the Kowie. This never – say -die fish will fight you to the boat, and then some! An unforgettable trip by sea and the excitement of the catch makes for some wonderful memories!
  • There is some light-tackle (spinning) excitement within reach of the Kowie. Visit the “Cray trap” area some 20 miles off shore and experience the excitement of hooking up to one of the most colourful and tenacious fighters in the sea. The Dorado (Mahi-Mahi) is rather selective when it comes to bait / lure presentation and part of the experience is to entice them to “come on the bite”. Conditions out there can also be rather challenging at times. The rewards can be great. The Dorado’s flesh is superb for a meal – no wonder it is called “the chicken of the sea”.

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