We’re so glad you stopped by. Come with us on a visual, taste sensation like no other. Take a tour and learn about our various, individual meat cuts, get recipe inspiration, become a wine connoisseur or simply have a look at our tantalising menu. Whether you’re stopping by for a light salad or you need to feed the beast, we’ve got you covered with the tastiest, heartiest meals in town!


Eating is one thing – eating something that not only satisfies your hunger, but takes you to another planet with every mouthful, is another. We guarantee only the finest quality, out of this world, and cooked to perfection meal, every time
– for your enjoyment!



Our meat is sourced from a well-respected and trusted supplier – who rear their
own calves from young and feed them supplemental food with all the correct
nutrients to build a healthy, strong immune system – resulting in good quality, healthy meat for your palate.



Keep calm and drink wine – quench your thirst with our mouth-watering wine list.
We’ve got some of South Africa’s finest wines, right here at Butcher Block. 
Whether you are a connoisseur or simply looking for a meal complement – our wine list is sure to impress.

Butcher Block Florida Road

+27 64 520 3043

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