Cut out of the dense, coastal bush overlooking the Tongaat River flood plain, 14 KMs from Ballito, Crocodile Creek was firmly established in 1983 by Peter & Sheila Watson.

Passionate about nature and conservation, the vision for Crocodile Creek was to not only create a Crocodile farm but also to provide a natural theme park attraction where various species of interesting animals would be on display for the public to interact with and be educated about, with particular focus on raising awareness about Nile Crocodiles and their conservation.

Of course, such a venture would also involve the employment of local residents, bringing a positive impact to the area and community.

30 years on and not only is Crocodile Creek one of the Kwazulu Natal North Coast's best tourist attractions, it's also responsible for solid conservation work, international live exports and skin exports.

If you haven't yet visited Crocodile Creek, please do and enjoy the thrill, education and excitement.

Crocodile Creek