The cook and the farmer – a joined passion for good food!


Starting a new restaurant somewhere between Jeffreys Bay and Port Elizabeth must appear to most as a recipe for disaster.


Opeing their restaurant at Crossways Farm village in December of 2011, Trevor Steyn and Mika Venter realized their dream of running their own business. They knew that it would take hard work.   They also knew that with their passion, knowledge, international and national professional experiences and with the support of their families they would have a good chance.


The fact that at the beginning there was little infrastructure, let alone patrons, could not deter them. While Trevor got the restaurant ready, Mika had completely different ideas. She started a permaculture (Permaculture South Africa) garden that should eventually feed all their guests at the restaurant. An idea that, at first, came them handy as suppliers did not even want to deliver so far away from town. They are true entrepreneurs and pioneers of the business landscape at Crossways Farm Village.


Mika’s garden grew month by month and with the help of Rhino Plastics and additional greenhouse was built and now they are almost at their goal of supplying all salads, herbs, and vegetables from their own source. She is also very present in running of the front of the house.


Not a year later an artisan bakery was added to the business. Trevors’ brother mills some of the best flour in the country. So, high quality raw ingredients were taken care of. Hilton Crous soon joined them to help them run the growing bakery that includes now also desserts and cookies.


Trevors menu includes locally sourced meats and sausages, milk and dairy products from up the road. All sourced to be most natural and untainted. With his skills as a chef and with his roots from living at a farm he combines simplicity and complex technique to present dishes that taste great, look  naturally beautiful and leave the guest wanting to come back again soon.


Their beverages include a wide variety of wines, beer and no-alcoholics together with homemade Ginger Beer reprenting the spirit of in-house production.


Today, one has to book well in advance to get a table on weekends or during events. The weekday business is also picking up as houses are being built and owners, builders and other professionals need a wholesome place to eat. It  is also becoming a stop for travelers, bikers, and nature lovers for a wholesome and delicious meal with family and friends or just to enjoy an expertly made cup of coffee and a taste from the display of cookies and pastries at the counter. Make sure to take home some goodies too.


Crossways Country Kitchen is a real and palatable reflection of the ethos that stands for the entire Town of Crossways that is unfolding in front of the many visitors and customers.


You build it and they will come! – a true statement for Trevor and Mika who’s commitment is unchanged well over two years into their  success.


Crossways Country Kitchen – Booking Essential

Crossways Country Kitchen

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