Its Time - Dis Tyd is a welcoming homely coffee shop to meet with family, colleagues, and friends. The vintage ambiance and décor make for a pleasant experience. Mia prepares exquisite dishes for breakfast, tapas and lunches, with a personal touch served together with various coffees, teas, and wines.


​The historic building, together with the pleasant deck and herbal garden, is enhanced with solid-wood furniture made by Eduard Dupper. Various types of wood and designs are on display.


Breakfast with Bacon and Egg Nest, Chicken Liver Tartlet, Caramelized Cherry Tomatoes, Spinach and Feta Tomato plus home baked bread.


Its Time is famous for its home baked pies: Lamb, Chicken, Venison. Then the old favourite of savoury pancakes.


Choice of cakes from the German Donauwellen, Somertraum and Apfelstrudel, through Biscotti and Tiramisu onto the well-known Baked Cheesecake and Chocolate Bomb.


Why not select our 3-cake tasting option? A small group can each select the 3-cake option and have fun sharing and tasting!


About Mia Dupper

Mia Dupper is the heart and soul of Dis Tyd. The young, dynamic and friendly lady has developed a passion for fine food and bake during her travels in Holland and Germany.


German cakes are her speciality. The cakes are renowned for their full rounded taste – not overly sweet – with a richness of fresh cream, quality chocolate and butter. With ingredients such as Kirschwasser, Stroh Rum and Cointreau the cakes have a special appeal.


Wedding Cakes are designed and made in consultation with the client. Delivery and on-site presentation is part of the service offering.


Unique cakes for those special events are made to order – examples: Motor cars, Bibles, Disney Characters, Newspaper Roll, babies and many more.

Dis Tyd