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ⓘ About Dune Creations

At Dune creations we bring together and present a combination of products and services that were shaped, formed and brought into existence by the elements of nature. Products that we feel should be good enough to enhance your sense of living in body, soul and spirit through stimulating most of  your senses at Dune and beyond.


Life on the Dune
Whether you do a tasting of our own handcrafted Dune coffees, taste our own site specific wine or other carefully selected wines or products or have a hearty meal/wine platter at our restaurant or just chill and enjoy any of our delicacies in our new world class Joe Lategan fine art photography gallery, Dune is the new destination to experience.


ⓘ Book also
✔ A function or a slide show with inspirational talk for small teams on various subjects, 
✔ Group Dinners,
✔ Wine Tastings 
✔ Private function venue
✔ Photo workshops for small & large groups


Dune Creations