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ⓘAbout Dyer Island Cruises

At Dyer Island Cruises, we pride ourselves on being able to cater to every taste and every age. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or just enjoying South Africa’s natural wonders, we have something for you.


Travel out to sea with Pelagic Encounters for a memorable birding experience. If you would like to see and photograph albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters at close range, then this trip is for you.


We take you to South Africa's beautiful whales and birds, without disturbing their natural behaviour.


Our sister company, Marine Dynamics, specialises in fantastic great white shark cage diving experiences, all hosted on our custom built boat by our expert marine biologists.


We are all about offering the best possible value for money, which is why we invested in developing one of the industry's most personal custom whale watching boats.

Dyer Island Cruises

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