An exceptional blend of modern luxury and classic elegance, Fancourt Resort Hotel offers 115 luxurious rooms and suites that cater for every need from families, individual travelers, golfing groups, conferences or special needs.


Rooms are situated around the facilities with views of the golf warm up area, Montagu golf course or beautifully landscaped gardens. All rooms have a balcony and from whichever direction, the views are stunning.


Fancourt has become a global landmark for business, leisure and golfing travel but its gradual expansion can be traced back to the establishment of the Manor House by its first custodian, Henry Fancourt White.


The late 1880s was a period of grandeur for Henry White, whose role in the development of the commercial infrastructure around the Montagu Pass led to the establishment of the Blanco House – his esteemed family home and predecessor to the current Manor House. Shortly after his passing, the property was auctioned and sold to his son, Ernest Montagu White, who made extensive improvements to the estate. The regrettably early passing of Montagu due to wild mushroom poisoning, saw the property fall into a state of disrepair until in 1960, Dr Krynauw initiated a renovation process that would recapture the splendour of what is now a national monument.


Expanding on the stature of the Manor House, the estate itself was transformed into a hotel and golfing destination in 1989 under the direction of Andrea and Helene Pieterse. Now, under the ownership of Dr Hasso and Sabine Plattner, the Fancourt estate boasts a contemporary outlook on its early beginnings, with award-winning golf courses and unparalleled service offerings, against the backdrop of the ever-present Outeniqua mountain range.

Fancourt Hotel