Owner inspired and run, we are a combination of four parts to the whole, rotating in our kitchen, lounge, dining and bar areas constantly, we believe in being a part of your experience. If you have had the opportunity of coming through to us, you most certainly would have either had the chance in meeting Fabien, Sean, Aryn, Ravel or Lisa. We are your hosts.


We create and motivate our team to bring you a pleasurable experience for any occasion and are often seen in various areas of the restaurant creating iconic dishes for the pallet. We truly hope you enjoy your experience with us as our every effort goes into making your visit as a customer a memorable one.


We have used ingredients sourced fresh from local farmers and brought to you from various parts of our beautiful country. We inspire our staff to be actively involved in product inspection, product sourcing and product placement as this is where all the value is brought to you. We truly believe in the upskilling our staff, trainees and chefs to the highest of standards and aid local schools, universities and technical colleges in educating and giving our communities first-hand experience in the food, beverage and hospitality industry. Once our team is decided on a dish to best represent the season or function, we are actively involved with the education of merging the old secrets of cooking with current flavours and tastes. We leave our passion on the plate and hope that the experience one gets after a meal or beverage in our company, it is an experience that has a lasting effect.


We hope to see you soon in the dining room, pool area or lounge areas where we get the chance to share with you.

Fiamma Grill