Whether you are hard core racing snake looking for a tough 6 hour ride or just out for a walk in the country, choose your adventure at Holla Trails. We have something for everyone.


1. Register and read through our indemnity and code of conduct section while you are online (click here). (This will save you time on the day.) Adventure can be risky, you need to know the details.


2. Access is to the trails is strictly only with a valid Holla Permit. This is critical to the sustainability of our trails system and everyone supports this principle.


On the day, proceed to the permit sales counter at the Holla Trails shop. Tell them you have already registered online (they will have to check)


3. Once you've paid, attach the permit to your bike (or arm in the case of runners and walkers) and make sure it is displayed at all times.


4. Select a route displayed on the maps situated opposite the veranda. Should you need help selecting a route you can chat to one of the staff members behind the counter.


5. Follow your selected route from the start, each route is marked with a specific colour arrow. The distance displayed on the arrow indicates how far you still have to go to get back to the Trailhead.


6. Unfortunately signs do go missing from time to time (and visitors take wrong turns); should you get lost please make your way back to the last sign you saw and navigate your way from there.


7. Remember that 44 farmers have generously allowed us the use of their land for our adventures, please ensure that you show respect to both the farmers and their workers. (Even better greet them and even thank them.) The trails go through working farms and all vehicles must be given right of way.

  • Provide a collection service for riders and runners who are broken down or injured. (We do not have the man power or facilities). MTB is a fairly dangerous adventure sport. The further out from the trail head you go, the bigger the risk you take of getting lost, or injured without help at hand. This is your choice to take these risks. We will endeavour to assist in any way we can in an emergency but cannot promise anything at all. Please see the detailed indemnity.


  • We don't manicure our trails! Our single track is well maintained to provide an awesome riding and running experience. However with weather and farm traffic, the trails are always in a state of change. Riders and runners must realise that the trail can change from one week to the next and must ride accordingly. With 340 km of trails, potholes, ruts and other changes to the trails must be anticipated.

Holla Trails