constructed from indigenous reed fencing and centers around 5 Secret Gardens. These garden refuges are each differently themed and planted to portray the basic elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Reflection or Thought. Each garden is a hub within the design and once found will unlock new and untraveled parts of the Elemental Maze for the players.


The Elemental Maze is played on a multi-station quiz trail format and each team is given a clipboard, a pencil and an answer sheet.


There are two components to the quiz, the Garden Quiz and the BrainBox Quiz. The Garden Quiz requires each team to complete a basic task in each of the five Secret Gardens, whilst the BrainBox Quiz requires each team to find the 10 individual quiz boards that are scattered all over the maze, and to answer the general knowledge questions found thereon. Having completed their task, and in so doing having ‘solved the maze’, teams need to find their way to the exit.


The Elemental Maze operates all year round, however, we do take it out of general play during the Maize Maze season (late Feb to late May each year) to do primary maintenance and improvements. During this time it is in reserve for when we have large groups or groups that specifically request it.


Teams take their answer sheets to the coffee shop where they are ‘marked’ and the correct answers are available. Once marked each team member will deservingly receive a free refreshing ice-cream.


The playing time is 75 to 90 minutes. The maze is appropriate for all ages but some basic reading and writing skills will make it more fun for the smaller folk.

No children under 16 years are allowed in the Elemental Maze without a responsible adult/parent. What make us so different for a family outing is that the maze is as much fun for the adults as it is for the kids.


Any team caught damaging the plants or pushing through the reeds/mielies will be removed from the maze! Cheating is not tolerated! We take this very seriously! On completion of the maze, the teams answer sheets are marked, and they are all given an ice-cream as a reward for completing the maze.


Honeydew Mazes