Gourmet cuisine


ⓘ About Noop Restaurant

We think you’ll feel at home here, because that’s how we think of our
restaurant. After all, we spend more time here than we do at our homes. We
know many of our guests by name; many of them have become our friends.

Even your first impression is one of homeliness.


Set under two elegant old oak trees, our beautiful heritage building breathes warmth and hospitality.

As for us, we were customers before we became owners, so we felt at home
here when we took Noop over in 2012.


We’ve kept everything people love about it while also making it our own. It’s
still as popular with returning locals as it is with visiting tourists. More than
anything, that’s because of the quality of the meals. And we cook the same
food here as we do at home. Unpretentious. Often spontaneous. Always


Noop Restaurant