A donkey walks into a Bar and orders a coke...


Delia du Toit, Beeld

It's not a joke. At the Pistols Saloon in this coastal town, Huckleberry the donkey is one of the favourite patrons and a regular face at the bar. He drinks Coke (from the can), eats carrots and is pampered by all the other patrons. This family bar and museum in Old Main Road, Ramsgate is definitely not your usual hang-out. There's a Wild West Museum next door to the bar, with lots of cowboy memorabilia and information about Indians and the Most Wanted criminals of that era, including Billy the Kid and Frank and Jesse James.

There is lots to see and explore for the kids as well as a selection of arcade style games.  For the adults there are the regular music shows (naturally including country music) and a real Western bar, complete with an old piano.  In the Pistols Saloon every little detail is remembered, even the toilets, which are designated to Cowboys and Cowgirls.


When you walk through the swing doors, a sign against the wall warns you that it is a family restaurant and that swearing won't be tolerated. For every swearword you must pay a fine of R2, and this money is donated to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).


Enjoy live entertainment every weekend by resident band Reflex and watch out for regular guest appearances by Lance James, Bobby Angel, Clive Bruce, Barbara Ray and Danny Fisher.


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"This is the Best Place on the Planet"

The Independent Newspaper Pub Guide


Pistols Saloon and Wild West Museum

    Chicken Burger (Large) with chips
    Hamburger (Large) with chips
    Cheese Burger (Large) with chips
    Hot Dog Layers of tomato, fried onion & chips
    Steak, Egg & Chips Served with fried onion
    Texas T-Bone Steak 500g, served with chips & baked beans
    Buffalo Wings Spicy chicken wings with chips
    Spike’s Ribs 500g, marinated, served with chips
    Chips Big portion, served in the pan
    Chuck Wagon Special Best of the West. For 2 or more

    Bratwurst Served with potato salad & mustard
    Frankfurter 2x Footlongers with potato salad
    Wiener Schnitzel Panfried, served with chips and salad
    Hunters Schnitzel With German Pasta, mushroom sauce and salad

    Kassler Steak Smoked, with potato salad & sauerkraut
    Eisbein Served with sauerkraut & mash (Grannies Way
    Wiener Chicken Crumbed Chicken Schnitzel with chips & salad
    German Platter Best of Germany. For 2 or more

    Fish & Chips Deep fried, served with tartare sauce & salad

    Vegetarian Lasagne Layers of pasta, vegetables & cheeses. Served with salad
    Lasagne Bolognaise Layers of pasta & creamy bolognaise served with salad

    Mixed Garden Salad Tomato, onions, cucumber, olives, cheddar cheese
    & green pepper

    Hamburger Served with chips
    Cheeseburger Served with chips
    Hot Dog Served with chips

    PIONEERS PIZZA PLACE (Small, Medium & Large)
    Margarita Cheese & tomato
    Regina Cheese, tomato, mushrooms & ham
    Hawaiian Cheese, tomato, pineapple & ham

    Vegetarian Delight Cheese, tomato, asparagus, olives,
    green pepper & onions
    Pepperoni Cheese, tomato, mushrooms,
    salami & chillies
    Mountain Man Cheese, tomato, ham, asparagus,
    olives, onions & garlic
    Pioneers Special Cheese, tomato, mushrooms,
    ham, salami & onions
    Rooster Wagon Cheese, tomato, mushrooms
    & spicy chicken

    Hombre Garlic Pita
    Amigo Garlic Pita with cheese