RollEgoli welcomes you to our free-skating fun park in the heart of Bryanston. Leave your worries and obligations behind you as you lace up your skates and roll free as a bird on our 1000 square metre rink. RollEgoli was born mid 2015, inspired by the owner's love for the activity when she was a child growing up not far from where the rink is today. Whilst she was able to skate on the parking lot of the flat building down the road and up and down its passages, our urban areas are becoming increasingly unsafe and open spaces are dwindling. There is only one roller skating rink in Johannesburg, and that is RollEgoli. Come and join the inspiration!

The roller skating rink is tucked into the back of our old Bryanston property. The floor is smooth concrete, the sides of the rink are semi open, allowing the air to flow through and cool you as you glide. Spectator benches line the perimeter of the rink, the latest hits stream over the loudspeakers and dazzling disco and rope lights create a funky 80's feel after dark.

We have skate mates that our beginner skaters can push around the rink. This gives them support and confidence until they can skate unsupported. They cost R40/hour.

Overlooking the rink are 2 party decks, complete with supercomfy beanbags.

Our rental skate room has 500 pairs of roller skates ranging from a junior size 10 up to an adult 13. We have 68 pairs of adjustable roller blades ranging from a junior size 9 to and adult 9.
In our garden we have a wooden jungle gym with a huge trampoline surounded by a smooth scooter track. Connecting 2 of our big old trees 3m above the ground is our “Bridge of Courage". Acces to it is up a climbing wall on the one side and at the other end of the bridge is a 3m tall fireman's pole for the kids to slide down onto a soft mat, allowing them to conquer their fear of heights.

A 4 hole putt putt course also adds to the fun.

All the activities in the garden are free to anyone who has paid their roller skating entry fee.

The free roaming chickens have been in these gardens for 3 decades.

We have 2 shaded areas in the garden for our customers to sit and enjoy some pizza or a drink and enjoy some quiet time while the kids are having fun.

From the parking lot you enter the premises through our restaurant. There we have a gigantic wood burning pizza oven where we make the most delectable pizzas south of Italy. Cold drinks, slush puppies, gelato, hot drinks and snacks are all available here.

The old house in the middle of the property dates back to the 1960's still serves as the work from home residence for the owner.

RollEgoli's entry fee of R85 and R40 for skate rental rates as one of Egoli's best kept theme park value for money experiences! Skate till you drop! There is no time limit! No prebooking necessary ever…simply drop in at any time!

At RollEgoli our mission statement is: “making movement possible whilst inspiring human connection”. This is our response to our increasingly inactive society that is losing touch with and spending less quality time with loved ones.

Our customer base is mainly kids and teenagers, mums and dads, as well as corporate clients on a teambuilding exercise.

We are an emerging fundraising venue for charities, NGO's and schools.

We host roughly 1000 kids birthday parties a year. We love offering a fantastic setting for a memorable party.

RollEgoli is a non-smoking venue.