We’re not just a bar and not just a restaurant but a happy mix of the two! Open 7 days a week from 12pm until 1am, we start off as a relaxed restaurant for lunch and move towards a more party atmosphere towards the evening after dinner and sundowners. We are all about being Social with your friends, family and colleagues.


Our stylish and unique venue has a huge outdoor terrace that has both heating for winter and cooling for summer, along with our large interior which boasts a huge bar and split mezzanine level named the ‘canteen’ with separate bar. Our industrial styled custom interior really enhances the cool, relaxed atmosphere.


Food & drinks can be ordered and served anywhere in our venue and we serve our food until late to ensure rumbling tummies are kept at bay! Whether it’s a sit down meal to indulge or drinks and nibbles – we have the perfect menu to cater for you.  

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