Good Beer
Lances brewing influences date back to the 1990’s, traveling the world surfing, snowboarding and working in breweries. In this time he learnt that good beer is carefully crafted from selected malts, hops, specialty yeasts and a filtered water.


The beers styles are a map of his travels;

Beach Blonde Light is an easy drinking beer from San Diego; The Wildside IPA is a strong beer for the cold of the North West Rocky Mountains; Lighthouse Ale is an English Bitter from banks of the Thames; Storm Rider Stout is an oatmeal stout from bracing Edinburgh, Scotland; Kromme River Witbier was inspired by travels through Belgium and France in the summer.

We are stoked on Food.


Good Food
Dan’s skills were forged in kitchens and boat galleys around the globe for 18 years. He believes if you source fresh, local produce and prepare everything from scratch the rewards are amazing tasting, authentic food. His time on the super yachts in the Caribbean gave him a particular insight and passion for the cuisine from Latin America and Jamaica.

We are stoked on Service.


Good Vibes
Linky worked in brew pubs and restaurants from San Diego to London to Perth in her free spirited travels with Lance. She has brought her capable, friendly approach to the St Francis Brewing Co and knows just how to make everyone feel welcome and at ease.

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