The Glades Farm Story

The grand avenue of trees that welcome guests upon entry to our Midlands utopia first captured our hearts in 2005 and we decided the farm would be the perfect getaway retreat for our family over the weekends. The original pig sty was converted into the wedding reception for one of the Mckenzie siblings in 2012. After a few family weddings we decided to share this special space with more people and the wedding venue was officially established in 2013. 


"This place is magical with stunning views of the African mountain areas with picturesque lakes, forests and hills. "


"If you're considering getting married anywhere near this area, Glades Farm's the place to go!"


"The hosts are fantastic with with a great attention to detail and make every effort to attend to your needs. Highly recommended."


The Glades Farm

  • Nature's Charm

    Avenues of trees, glades, forests, mountain scenes, 2 dams and a scattering of Nguni provide a natural balance between charm and variety when it comes to planning wedding activities and the photographers schedule.

    The Chapel

    An extension of the farm's original stables, this open, humble space allows the mountain scape to create a breathtaking backdrop to the wedding ceremony. The design of the chapel allows for the side window blinds to be either completely open or closed off from the elements so you can let nature in as much or as little as you would like. 

    150 guests can be comfortably seated on wooden benches and additional chairs may be placed alongside the benches for extra seating.