Wine, vineyards, dams, mountains, a log cabin and indoor fireplace, extra length king size bed, mountain bikes, wildlife… All the ingredients you will need for your unforgettable getaway for any occasion.


Welcome to The Log Cabin. Located 7.2km from the center of our lovely and well-known Stellenbosch, we are nestled between various wine farms, valleys, vine yards and mountains.


From the moment you turn off the Devon valley road, till you arrive at your destination, you will be surrounded by working vineyards, fruit farms and beautiful landscaping. Here at The Log Cabin, we pride ourselves to have one of the most breathtaking views in the valley, based on Louisvale Wine Estate.

Chardonnay is the Signature wine of Louisvale Wine Estate. Hans Froehling and Leon Stemmet bought the estate in 1988, and began planting vines a year later. In 1993 Marinus Bredell introduced Red Wines to the already popular selection, and in 1997 Simon Smith took over the winemaking process. The estate was bought by 4 friends in 2010, who still maintain and run the estate till this day.


The Log Cabin was built in 2001. Over the years The Log Cabin has been a place of origin for amazing stories, unforgettable experience and friendships that will last a lifetime. Rumour has it that The Log Cabin was initially built by a wealthy Scotsman name Johnson, the owner of Louisvale at the time, with the intent to use The Log Cabin as an entertainment area for his guests. He ended up loving the place so much that he ended up staying here himself, and abandoned the idea of sharing it with others. Unfortunately for the Scotsman, he passed away shortly after moving in due to heart failure, and the farm was taken over by the Mr. Altmann Allers, a highly successful businessman from Paarl, and a love for fostering entrepreneurship. Over the years The Log Cabin has touched the lives of a large variety of personalities, ranging from national rugby players, local students, teachers, musicians, academics, business men, and even at one point an actual wizard.

The Log Cabin