We simply love snorkeling and everything ocean. And we want you to experience the magic of the underwater world as well! The coast around Salt Rock & Ballito has some amazing snorkeling well over 150 species of reef fish and wide array of other marine life. We have a range of safe & fun snorkeling spots, ideal for the entire family. If you can swim, we can teach you to snorkel.


Tidal Tao ~ Tidal, because our snorkelling and beach experience is always dictated by the tides.

Tao, a Chinese phrase for the "way or path" / a philosophy or code of behaviour

At Tidal Tao, we are dilly, silly and plain old passionate about the ocean and our neighbourhood of Salt Rock, near Ballito, on the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. This is possibly some of the best snorkelling expediences South Africa has to offer, year round warm water, incredible fish and marine life, all in shallow, safe, protected areas.

The coastline, known as the Dolphin Coast (just north of Durban) between Ballito and Sheffield Beach, offers a surprising underwater wonderland. The coastline here is a wilderness, a wilderness that rivals any big game reserve or national park in it's size and diversity of animal species, we see whales on ancient migrations pass our way each winter, dolphins playing in the surf, we have recorded over Fish ID Guide in water less than waist deep, over 15 Nudibranch & Flatworms ID Guide some of the southern most shallow water corals in the world. It's a special place and worth protecting. We estimate that you see about 5% of what is actually in the water, stick your head under with a mask and snorkel and an entirely new world is suddenly opened up to you. And that is our mission, to just get people in the water, exposed to the amazing variety of life in our oceans in the hope that you will be as amazed and appreciative of this natural beauty as we are.  

We really hope you join us on a snorkelling trip and you can see first hand what we get so excited about. Find our more about our snorkelling trips here 

To find out more about how you can get involved in our conservation work Conservation Projects

If you can swim, then we can teach you to snorkel. If you're wondering what to do in Things to do in Ballito And Salt Rock, then a snorkel with Tidal Tao is a must. Fun and safe for the entire family. We have 5 star ratings on Trip Advisor, safe, reliable and focus on small groups with personal attention. We hope you join us and see for yourself what we get so excited about


Tidal Tao Snorkeling

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